Exclusive Add-ons and Perks That Go with Capital One Credit Cards

Capital One offers flexible and affordable financial products, including used and new vehicle loans, mortgages, small business and personal accounts, and credit cards. The bank features popular small business and consumer cards with introductory interest rates, unlimited cash rebates, bonus miles, and other added benefits.

Requirements and Products Available

The bank requires that customers provide their social insurance number to run a credit check. Capital One offers consumer and business cards for different credit profiles, and most products require average or excellent credit. Platinum Prestige and Venture Rewards require stellar credit while the Platinum and Classic Platinum cards are offered to applicants with average credit. Discounts are also offered on travel services and information technologies. With secured cards, the maximum credit line varies widely, ranging from $200 to $3,000, based on the security deposit.

Customers are charged late payment and cash advance fees. Customers with poor credit improve their rating with time unless they exceed the limit or make late or no payments. Bank customers are offered plenty of options, including cards for average, excellent, and building credit. There are different products with business and retail rewards, annual fee waivers, and unlimited miles and cashback. Participating retailers offer a selection of rewards such as games, CDs, disks, and so on. Individual customers have plenty of choice, including student and rewards cards. There are student cards with variable APR and long grace periods. Customers are also offered the PlayStation card that features points toward music and PlayStation games. The bank also offers competitive rate credit cards with rates starting at 10.9 percent and loyalty programs that feature bonus miles, interest-free periods of 25 days, no foreign transaction fees, no annual fees, and other beneficial features. Customers enjoy benefits such as wine and fine dining experiences, tickets for major football games and golf outings, and others.

The bank offers cards that help borrowers meet everyday expenses such as personal care products, accessories, gas, and others. Credit cards also help meet emergency expenses and bills such as electricity, gas, and water. Capital One offers other borrowing solutions that are designed for large purchases, including auto loan refinancing, home equity lines of credit, business installment loans, and real estate term and equipment and vehicle loans. The bank features loans and refinancing options, including adjustable and fixed rate loans.

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