Bank Cards with Reasonable Credit Limits

There is a selection of financial products on the market, including secured cards with reasonable limits. While some cards have a limit of $300 or $500, there are products with better terms.

Payment History and Other Factors

Banks take a number of factors into account, but the most important ones include personal income and credit rating. The credit score combines factors such as amounts owned, past accounts, and others. Customers with a history of delinquencies and excessive debt are often turned down. The repayment history of applicants is an important factor in that a solid history indicates timely payments and responsible use. Household income is another factor that determines the credit limit and whether applicants meet the criteria. Salaried employees are more likely to get approved compared to stay-at-home spouses and unemployed applicants. As a rule, customers with fair and poor credit and low income are offered cards with a lower limit, but the good news is that the limit can change over time and with regular, timely payments. The limit is subject to change, and credit improvement is an important factor. Financial institutions look at different factors, including recent hard inquiries and others. The number of recent delinquencies is taken into account. The presence of revolving and installment credit is another factor.

How to Increase Your Limit

Banks are mainly interested in whether applicants manage credit responsibly, and the first step is to make timely payments to boost your score.When choosing a card, make sure the payments are reported to the credit bureaus. Obviously, you will get a higher limit if you are considered creditworthy. Comparison shopping is also a way to find a credit card with attractive terms, and some issuers advertise high limits, low introductory interest rates, no exchange rate and annual fees, and other extras. Ask about the transaction fees and extras that go with the card. A secured credit card carries less weight but some cards feature reasonable limits and added perks.  When applying, ask about cash advance rates and fees, the chargeback period, and so on. Banks offer different types of cards, including entertainment, business, and purchase cards, and the chances are that one or more will match your profile.

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